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Sustainable, healthy & energy efficient.

The thermal break in Triple Glazing Australia’s ThermalPLUS windows and doors is created using a polyamide strip (brilliant thermal insulator) between the aluminium exterior and interior elements.

With windows averaging 40% of external façade; glass to façade ratio and orientation make it vital to maximize the solar passive qualities of any new home.


Section J of The Building Code of Australia Glazing Calculator sets out the current minimum requirements (will be updated in 2019) for U-values and Solar Heat Gain Coefficients (SHGC).


This is  based on:


  1.  Climate zone – different parts of Australia

  2.  Building size

  3.  Glass to façade ratio and orientation

ThermalPLUS brochure


Take advantage of the views and sun

Architects will always look for opportunities to maximize views and therefore substantially increase the value of a residential property.


Windows bring so many benefits to our homes: 


  1. Natural light

  2. Healthy homes

  3. Connection with the outdoors

  4. Crossflow of air

  5. A larger feel of space

Triple Glazing Australia’s Thermal PLUS windows maximize energy-efficient residential homes. 


Higher energy ratings have shown can increase the value of your home by up to 9%.


Thermal PLUS windows and door systems have been created to provide:


  1. Minimal = Low U 

  2. Highest = SHGC

Our aim is to secure up to 10 Star energy ratings* on each new home. 

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