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Choosing the right architectural glass is crucial to a successful project. For more informed decisions in the evaluation, selection and specification of architectural glass, Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG glass) recommends becoming familiar with the properties and benefits of the four most common glass types: low-e coated glass, clear glass, low-iron glass and tinted glass.

  • World leading glass supplier including Triple Low-e for west facing windows. This is a game changer for the commercial design and building industry. 

  • Single Low-E is standard. Low E film stands for Low Emissivity film and was invented by Berkeley National Laboratory whose scientific expertise has been recognized with 13 Nobel Prizes. 

  • Heat-soaked glass is a standard feature in all commercial windows and doors. Extra strong, particularly well Suited in Commercial buildings. 

  • Toughened glass.

Aesthetic Description

Solarban® 70XL glass is a solar control, low-e glass that brilliantly combines the clear appearance of transparent, colour-neutral glass with an exceptional combination of solar control and visible light transmittance (VLT).

Efficient Glazing information

Solarban® 60 Solar Control Low-E Glass

The original environmental performer

With its ability to block 62 percent of total solar energy while allowing 70 percent of visible light to pass through, Vitro Architectural Glass’s (formerly PPG glass) Solarban® 60 glass can help you achieve a building design that provides year-round comfort with heating and cooling cost savings. In addition to functioning as a clear glass, Solarban® 60 glass also can be combined in insulating glass units (IGUs) with an outboard lite of tinted or reflective-tinted glass to increase aesthetic and performance options.

Solarban® 60 Starphire® Glass

Solarban® 60 Starphire® glass can help you achieve your design vision of a glass building with the ultimate in transparency and visual clarity combined with energy efficiency. Solarban® 60 Starphire® glass allows ultra-clear glass to be used for vision glass, skylights, atriums, storefronts and entryways without sacrificing energy performance. Used in a 1-inch IGU, Solarban® 60 Starphire® glass provides high visible light transmittance (74 percent) while offering superior solar control (0.40 solar heat gain coefficient).

Vitro SB60 Data Sheet

Triple glazed windows are needed in high rise buildings
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