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Frequently asked questions
What is Thermal PLUS break technology?

Triple Glazing Australia Thermal PLUS uses Thermal Break advanced technology to create a barrier between the interior and exterior surfaces of windows and doors, maximizing the energy efficiency of our new homes.​


The Thermal PLUS break system uses reinforced polyamide extrusions and triple glazing: 5mm/12A/5mm/12A/5mm.


With a warm edge spacer to separate the exterior and interior of the aluminium window or door. Combining together as insulated barriers, stopping heat from passing in through summer and stopping the heat from escaping in winter.


This keeps heat inside during winter – and out during summer! Maximize Solar passive efficiency.

What are thermally broken aluminium windows and doors?

A thermal break should always be added to the frame. Thermal break technology features a reinforced polyamide bar between the inside and outside aluminium profiles, creating an insulated barrier within the window frame. 


This will conduct heat, cold and noise a thousand times slower than standard aluminium.


Benefits of thermally broken aluminium windows and doors:


  • Conducts heat and noise 1000 times slower than normal aluminium

  • Thermal break technology

  • Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation

  • Fire retardant

  • Bonus layer of security

  • Low maintenance

  • Long lasting

  • Durable

  • Non-corrosive

  • Powder coated surfaces with a large range of colours​​​

How do noise reduction windows work?

Triple Glazing Australia Aluminium Thermal PLUS windows make use of intelligent custom designed glass and industry-leading air gap combination:




This brilliant combination reduces incoming sound waves as they pass through the 3 x 5mm Triple glass and 12mm argon gas gap barriers. Thermal PLUS multiple chamber profile enhances noise insulation even further. 



What does Low emissivity (Low-E) glass do?

Low-E glass acts like a mirror that allows to effectively block the heat from coming in during summer as well the heat from escaping your home during winter. 

Ideal for large windows facing west. 


Triple Glazing Australia Thermal PLUS use soft coat low-e glass by international quality PILKINGTON GLASS –  A world leader in Low Emissivity glass manufacturing. Soft coat Low-E glass allows more visible light.



What does u-value mean?

U-value is a measure of the effectiveness of the insulation properties of a window or door. The lower the u-value, the better insulation your windows provide. 


Thermal PLUS high-performance windows and doors boast some of the lowest u-values on the Australian market today.


Triple Glazing Australia Thermal PLUS windows and doors aim to achieve up 10 Star Energy Rating. 


What does SHGC stand for?

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient which gets assigned a value between 0 and 1. The lower product’s SHGC, the less solar heat it lets in.

Does Triple Glazing Australia Thermal PLUS offer any warranty?

All our products are backed by our industry leading 10-year warranty.



How long does installation take?

Installation is subject to the site conditions, we usually allow 2-3 days. 


Our triple Glazing thermal Plus windows are aimed at architect design homes that feature plentiful windows.


Capturing views and natural light - leading to a healthy home environment. 


We provide a fixed price quotation within 8 days. 


From contract to installation allow 8 weeks to 14 weeks.



How much do triple glazed Thermal PLUS thermally broken windows cost?

Triple Glazing Australia Thermal PLUS windows + doors may only cost a fraction more than double glazed solution.


We also offer a 10% price beat guarantee on the same products. 


How much noise do Triple Glazed Thermal PLUS windows stop?

Thermal PLUS Aluminium windows can achieve a remarkable reduction in noise of up to 70%.



How much energy can I save with triple glazed windows?

Significant energy savings can be achieved by installing Triple Glazing Australia thermal break aluminium frames and the world’s best performing low-e glass Pilkington.


For example, Triple Glazing Australia glazed windows are 74% better for cooling and 65% better for heating than a standard single glazed aluminium window that is in wide presence all around Australia.


Do Triple Glazing Australia Thermal PLUS custom make glass and window frames?

Custom design is our speciality.


1. ALL window frames are thermally isolated

2. World quality glass thickness:  5mm

3. 9mm or 12mm argon gas detail

4. Low-e


Each quality window and door is custom made to your requirements and design specifications.

What should I look for in the highest quality triple glazed, thermally broken window?

It is the combination of high-quality features that help make Triple Glazing Australia Thermal PLUS windows distinctively intelligent. 


12mm argon gas


Sealed units filled with two chambers of 12mm argon gas. Argon gas is heavier than air and acts as an insulator, blocking out noise as well as the cold air. 

Optional two coatings of low-emissivity (Low E) glass, which keeps the heat inside.


Low E glass

Low E is a microscopically thin coating that allows heat past the window from the outside and reflects heat back into the building from the inside. This saves a great amount of energy and will help save on heating bills.


Thermally broken


Warm edge technology spacer bars separate the panes of glass. These are made from a plastic insulating composite material that acts as yet another barrier to heat loss.


Internal glazing bead

This offers added security as it prevents the removal of glass from outside.


Triple glazing over double glazing?

Ultimately, Triple Glazing Thermal PLUS provides next-level heat and sound insulation. 


It is up to 35%  more effective than double glazing for thermal efficiency and reduces outside noise by up to 35 decibels.


Triple Glazing Australia's Thermal PLUS thermally broken aluminium window and door systems substantially insulate your new home against heat loss and gain. 


To maximise this effect, our Thermal PLUS windows work on an industry leading;


5mm/ 12A /5mm/ 12A/ 5mm.


Also, our glass can be further upgraded to; Low Emissivity (Low E) coatings which further improve the insulating properties. At a similar investment dollar; Triple Glazing Thermal PLUS is the obvious choice.

Does Triple Glazing Cost More?

There is an out of date thought that triple glazing is super expensive and when spread over the life of the window, may not be worth the extra cost. 

In countries like Australia and Germany; with high energy standards and a solid building regulations it could not be further from the truth. 

Triple glazing is so common in Germany that the price difference for new windows is typically approx 10% to double glazing.


In Australia, with new and improved Energy performance requirements and updated National Construction Code (NCC) Triple Glazing is becoming the go to standard. 


The superior thermal performance, noise reduction and condensation resistance offered with Triple Glazing far out weights the small price difference between triple and double glazing.

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