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Energy efficiency
Triple-glazing is almost twice as insulated as double-glazing

A home fitted with triple glazing Thermal PLUS windows can achieve an EER of eight, meaning it uses around 55 per cent less energy in heating and cooling than a standard six-star home.

 WINDOWS account for up to 49% of the heat lost during Winter, and as much as 87% of the heat gained during Summer - Australian Window Association study.

Achieve up to 10 stars

Triple Glazing Australia’s ThermalPLUS newly launched A++ Triple Glazing uses an extra panel of low emissivity (Low E) glass and insulating Argon gas to achieve one of the highest overall energy rating possible!

With more insulation, the extra layer of Low-E glass also helps to reduce the amount of unwanted noise entering your home, plus the added advantage of greater security.

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