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Performance • Compliance • Cost 
  • ​Triple Glazing Australia window systems and specifications have up to 66% better insulation than double glazing. 

  • U-Values and SHGC ratings are calculated using the whole window’s performance - glass & frames. 

  • 100% thermally isolated aluminium windows and doors. 

  •  Industry leading noise reduction performance.

  • Condensation management premium systems. 

  • World leading glass technology.

Building types
  • Apartments

  • Commercial office

  • College & University

  • Education 

  • Government 

  • Health care/hospitals

  • High rise commercial and residential towers

  • Institutional & Monumental buildings

  • Hotel developments

  • Shopping centres

  • Retail outlets

  • Industrial complexes

  • Restaurants

Features & benefits


Aluminium is an excellent environmentally responsible and robust material that is:

  • Durable

  • Rust free

  • Fire resistant 

  • Secure + strong 

  • Styled with an infinite range of colours

  • Visually discreet = more glass to maximise views and natural light

  • Versatile in design

  • Easily maintained 

  • Noise reducing 

  • Recyclable and Ecological, a 100% recyclable material



  • Our Warm Edge Spacers are at the heart of the energy-saving windows and doors. 

  • Supply & installation; Triple Glazing Australia ensure high-quality products and installation. correct installation ensures the maximum performance. 

  • Ensuring tight air seals is considered to be one of the most important priorities.

  • 10 Year Guarantee on all of our Window and Door units. 

  • Range of stylish door hardware, including leading European architect designs.  

  • Noise Reduction! The most cost-effective way to reduce noise pollution is by installing triple glazed windows and doors.

  • Improving your home’s energy rating above 7 STAR can increase your property’s value by up to 9%! 

  • The market is paying a premium for residential and commercial properties that have high star ratings and triple glazed windows and doors. 

  • No Condensation!; we achieve an industry 65 out of 100. 

  • Design and construct a healthy building with Triple Glazed Windows


  • All windows and doors feature Krypton gas between glass panels to significantly increase the thermal insulation qualities of our products.

  • Krypton is twice the mass of Argon and twice the size.

Architectural glass - VITRO

Architects commonly specify Vitro Architectural Glass products to meet LEED® and other green building criteria. Solarban®, Starphire Ultra-Clear™ and other Vitro glasses have been installed on hundreds of LEED-certified buildings, including The Tower at PNC Plaza, the world’s greenest office tower and three of the world’s 11 certified net-zero-energy, “living” buildings. Vitro Glass also promotes “green building” outside the realm of specific certifications systems.


Vitro Product Data Sheet A

Vitro Product Data Sheet B

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